Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Grumpy poorly chops

I hate this stinking virus that has taken over my body.

And I hate moaning about it.

But when you've been stuck in the house on your own since Sunday, your brain turns to mush, and you cant think about anything else.

Well, maybe that's not strictly true. I haven't been on my own all the time, as Mr B has been here in the evenings to nurse me back to health. He is a very good Doctor. Top marks all round. And I suppose I have been thinking about a few other things, like worrying about the snow and having to eat the entire contents of the freezer to stay alive....

I did have a sneaky look in there earlier, and it wasn't promising. I would have to survive on gluten free fish fingers, crumpets, frozen yogurt (a substance that baffles me completely), and an unidentified portion of a meaty kind of substance that has probably lingered in there since 2004.

It doesn't fill me with hope.

So fingers crossed the snow will stay away.

Urrggggh I just want this virus to vanish.
Had to cancel all my plans for the week, which is ridonkulously irksome.
Totally bored out of my brain.
But too ill to actually do anything productive.
All I can do is sit and stare at the TV.
Or sleep.
Or just sit, stare, cough cough, splutter, and sniff.
Which gives me time to worry about all the things I should be doing.
Or need to do.
Or have to do.



  1. So this virus is in the UK too? I am pretty much the only one in my family (USA) that has not gotten it yet, fingers crossed.
    I was smiling when you mentioned the freezer. We actually had to do that once, not to stay alive but the power was out for over 3 days due to a huge storm and we had to eat everything or throw it out or it would spoil. It was really cold in the house (winter storm) and the children were not interested in the ice cream so we had to just set it in the sink to melt away.

  2. Really? Where in america do you live? Have you got lots of snow?? xxx