Monday, 1 October 2012

yesterday,today and tomorrow

Written on Sunday before computer freaked out and shut the web page down...

Even though I got up at 7:30am this morning (a most unnatural hour for me to experience) I'm not allowed to moan about how tired I am...because Mr B ran the half marathon in Bristol...and apparently, its pretty tiring....

Don't think I'll be entering myself into that anytime soon...I would most definitely collapse and be the one chain smoking and stopping to grab a tasty burger half way round. Ha.

Written today whilst I'm sitting here, writing this...

A good day.

A great day.

A day full of painting naked people, laughing at Mr B negotiating his way around the countryside (not his natural habitat) and eating lots of fajita goodness. Oh and some crazy dancing thrown in for good measure too.

Unfortunately the black dog came sniffing around me last night, he was barking so loudly it made me feel quite wonky....I hate that blasted mutt.

Eventually managed to kick his mangey smelly arse away from me though. KAPOW. Black dog was karate chopped by the master of imaginary martial arts Sooz.

Oh I mustn't forget its tattoo time tomorrow!! Super excited about my new inky print. Had a few deliberations about which word to have on my other wrist, and which way round etc...but I've finally decided and I can't wait. Hope they give me a lolly again like they did last year. Loved that chuba chubs.....


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