Saturday, 29 September 2012

a little catch up :)

I have been particularly neglectful of my blog lately, apologies. Waking up for the fourth day in a row with a banging headache hasn't helped the situation. Staring at the computer hasn't been on top of my list when it seems to make my eyes even more squinty and my brain pain explode through the roof.

However, I am back and typing away, hurrah.

My routine is also getting back on track as my courses are starting again after my summer break. Although I have also been neglecting my gym schedule. After a week of relaxation in Dartmouth my training has gone out of the window. Next week I will get back on track though. Yes. I will be pumping iron and sweating it out on the rowing machine once more. Promise promise promise.

I mentioned in my previous blog a certain Mr B...and I have suddenly come over all Carrie Bradshaw and tempted to call him Big (especially as he is 6"5), but I think for now we'll stick with Mr B.

The details of my love life haven't really been a part of this blog....mainly because there haven't been many details to tell.... but also because I have been so scared of getting hurt and putting my feelings on the line. And its all very strange and sudden because I haven't been looking for a relationship, or expecting it.

But I think its a sign of my progress when I can now be comfortably in a relationship and not question why the person is with me. In the past I always believed that I didn't deserve happiness or was certain that I wasn't good enough. And now things are so different.

I know I deserve to be happy.

I know what I want from a partner, and miraculously, Mr B is providing me with the encouragement, fun and understanding I need.

Only problem is, Mr B is allergic to dogs...


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