Wednesday, 3 October 2012

mostly about pigs....

Yesterday I was temporarily paralysed, hence the lack of blogging. And it wasn't the pain from my new tattoo that was hindering me, but instead I had a giant swollen gland in my neck. Its been making me feel quite beaky, so I've had a quiet few days pottering around.

Anyway, that's all my boring news out of the way, and now I can start to write about super scintillating  stuff....

Such as, how I choked on my coco-pops this morning as I found out that a man in America was eaten by his herd of pigs....Honestly, I can't believe its true. Pigs are very friendly, and if he was a 70 year old man then he probably wouldn't be very tasty. He'd be all wrinkly and crusty. Mind you, if he hadn't been feeding his pigs properly then who can blame them. They must of been starving marvin. Click the link below if you want to find out more about this odd story. The highlight for me is knowing that the pigs didn't want to eat the old mans dentures. Obviously that part of him wasn't quite as delectable...!

Its just another testimony reminding us that life never stays the same.

Just when we start to lean back, relax and get used to something (like feeding the pigs), something or someone can come along and change your world. It might be only briefly, or it might be more a ravenous human-eating pig jumping out and biting your head off.

In the past I have been petrified of change.

But now I'm slowly becoming less scared, more excited, and I think, more adaptable.


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