Friday, 26 October 2012

the cost of keeping warm....

Apparently theres a cold snap on the way, so I've been preparing myself by searching for a new winter woolly. I've been keeping my eyes open for something warm and snuggledy, as it appears most of my jumpers are going a bit bobbly and threadbare. Think those darn moths have been enjoying a feast over the summer, and somehow I didn't quite realise. The trouble is, most warm jumpers are slightly out of my price range, so I've been ferreting around in the charity shops instead.

I've always been a big fan of charity shops, you can pick up some absolute gems. What does irritate me though, is when you see a top from Primark being sold for double the price, that's just bad business. Or the charity shops that have caught onto the the 'retro' trend, and so treble the price of anything that looks at least 5 years old. I think that's a bit cheeky. I mean, I know they have to make money, but also know-one is going to buy it if its a million squillion pounds when they could get a new version in Primark for tuppence.

Anyway, rant over, because today I did find myself a lovely cosy cardigan for the bargain price of £6. And its 50% wool, which means super warm but not super itchy. I took it up to the till and the lady looked at me with a slightly strange expression...

"You do realise this is a mans cardigan don't you??"

So apparently all I need to complete my look is a flat cap and a pipe...


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