Saturday, 27 October 2012

look after each other and yourself

My anxiety hasn't been great the past few days, and I'm not really sure why. Think tiredness may be something to do with it. Very frustrating. It comes out of no-where and suddenly you're standing in Tesco with your hands and legs shaking like an old lady who's lost their zimmer frame.

Shaking Susie. That's my new name. I could do Elvis-like dance moves with my knees knocking and get paid to be a female impersonator. I bet there aren't many of those....

Anyway, my little nephew Joshua has told me that everything is going to be OK because Jesus is always here to look after me. Love theology from a three year old.

 Mr B is taking me to my favourite restaurant tonight, well I use the term restaurant fairly loosely as its a Harvester, but I just cant resist the salad bar and fried chicken. Not that I actually fill my bowl with salad, mine mainly consists of bacon bits, sweetcorn and croutons. Super tasty. We were going to have a night on the razzle dazzle but Mr B thought it would be better for me to take it steady and have a slightly quieter night. He's very thoughtful like that, Mr B looks after me, and I like it.

Sometimes when I feel a bit better I get so excited that I kind of overcook my goose (one of Mama Pigs phrases) and then I end up feeling worse. Its really irritating. But I just have to learn to pace myself.

Heres a snap of me and Joshua that I took this week as we went stomping in the muddy field. I'd forgotten how glorious it felt to get super muddy and sing silly songs........



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