Wednesday, 24 October 2012

little bits

Ahhh (that's a big sigh, not a scream) at last I'm sat back at the computer typing away. I seem to be so busy at the moment and finding time to stop and blog has been nearer the bottom of my list. But today its jumped up, overtaken all the boring tasks (like washing my socks, oh so dull) and has reached the top. Hurrah.

There also seems to have been quite a few HURRAHS in my life the past few days....

I've started a new course, discovered info about another writing course, met some ace people, been told  that a great art class I'm part of has got some funding to continue, AND (probably most importantly) I've found my old Winnie-the-Pooh books which I thought I had lost forever. Pooh and Piglet are once again part of my life.

Its really rather exciting.

Although....I still haven't been to the gym for 7 weeks!!! Naughty naughty Susie. I must go. I really must....

Its surprising how busy my life can be even though I don't work. I know people who do work won't believe me, but I will just stick my tongue out at you and say "BOOraaa!" Cuz unlike a 'normal' (hate that word but can't think of another) person, everyday tasks still take up twice the amount of mental energy for me. It is getting easier though. Practise makes perfect.

I was talking to my sister yesterday about the past 2 years, and its strange because for me, some of my darkest times have just blurred together. She told me how pretty much all I used to do was sleep, knit, and watch films. I don't really remember that, I only remember the darkness. And being really cold all the time...Living in my grey hoody, with my pink blanket wrapped over me.... Urgh, such a yukky time. Don't ever want to go back there....

I'm kind of touching on little bits of things today but I feel like I could write more if I could concentrate a bit better.

I do apologise. I think my brain is hungry and  marmite crumpets are calling....


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