Tuesday, 18 September 2012

last lick of ketchup

Been a funny day by all accounts....up very early (by Susie standards) and took a boat trip up the river...and this afternoon, well, I've kind of just floated and faffed around, wilting slightly thinking about what I'm going to do with my life..which always sends me in a spin, so I wish my brain would forget about it...

But I feel that I can't forget about it, no matter how much I try, the future looms like a black cloud on my horizon. Which I realise is completely the wrong way to think about it, I should be excited about the future, spurred on by the possibility of happiness...Instead of freaked out at the decisions and choices I need to make and the continued failures that I'm certain to make.

Ugh. I know I think too much. Can someone turn my brain off please? Would very much appreciate it...its being particularly irksome this week, and quite frankly, I've had enough.

Maybe its because I'm away for the week...I mean, I like my space, but perhaps being out of my routine has got my brain a bit muddled up. Although I am on holiday, and I can hear the voice of a certain someone in my head telling me to just "CHILL SUSIE"!!

So perhaps I should carry on trying to take each day as it comes... To savour each moment (as one savours every bite of a bacon sandwich...like the little crispy bit at the end coated in a last lick of ketchup...yum..)


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