Sunday, 17 June 2012

inception...oooo what was that about?!

So I realise I'm a little out of date with watching the latest films and stuff....but really, how crazy is Inception??

Man alive that film got into my brain and embedded itself into all the little dark crevices last night.

Dreams, reality, getting stuck in limbo, dreams within dreams, planting ideas into peoples heads....Ooh it was all the stuff I think about and hope isn't actually true. But it was coming at me in high definition on a 47 inch television. That's a whole lot of widescreen reality.

In fact I was getting so taken in by it all that I had to ask Laura quite a few times that the film wasn't based on a true story. I just needed to hear it from someone else. Ha. I can laugh at the gullible nature of my brain now, but last night it wasn't so funny!

Anyways I shall put all that aside for now and concentrate on the task in hand for today....Wedding dress shopping for Laura, whoooopedo! Bring it on...! (and just to remind myself, this is reality, and it feels good...)


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