Monday, 18 June 2012

i heart paloma

Paloma Faith is my new girl crush.

Well not a crush exactly, I just think if we met, we'd be friends. Maybe not best friends. But she could give me makeup tips and I could teach her not to speak with such an Essex accent.

I know most people think she's kind of crazy, but I like that about her.

Not only does she have an amazing voice, but her songs are pretty catchy too. And her lyrics tell stories that I think anyone who has been in a relationship can kind of relate ain't all roses and flowers you know. Sounds obvious, but I had to learn that the hard way! In fact I can't believe how much of a hopeless romantic I used to be. I'd have those rose tinted glasses on so quickly. Oblivious to seeing the other persons flaws. Silly Susie. Ah well, luckily (or unluckily..?!) that's all been squashed and now I'm just a cynical bitch! Ha.

Anyway, I diverted there, back to Paloma. I love how she obviously doesn't care what people think. She's always in the 'what were you thinking??' section of heat magazine, sporting some eccentric jumbled up outfit, but somehow, honestly, I think she still pulls it off. Maybe because she's smiling, maybe its the bright red lipstick that she's applied, and maybe because she just oozes confidence.

She seems comfortable in her own skin. Proud of who she is. I'd like a bit of that please Paloma.

Here is a little quote from her,

"The whole record's about taking sad situations, tragedy, hurt, and heartache, and trying to give them a sprinkling of hope...."


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