Saturday, 16 June 2012

lazy smiley sooz

Oh dear naughty Susie has yet again failed to blog over the past few days. Whoops.

Nevermind. These things happen. And I shall try not to feel too bad for neglecting my witterings....

Anyway, today is Saturday (I think) and I'm currently sat on the sofa, still in my pyjamas, in a semi state of consciousness after having a marvellous night out celebrating England's victory. Singing vindaloo at the top of my voice was a highlight of the evening. I just wish I'd had an England cape, as I spent a lot of time having massive flag envy.

My hair is looking particularly wild due to the amount of back combing that went into getting the perfect beehive like style last night. Its going to take some serious muscle to get tame these tresses.

Hmm. A personal stylist/make up artist/ hairdresser would be really handy right now.

I think we're going to venture out later for some proper tasty fatty/carbohydrate based food. Yum. Although it seems like a massive effort to move off the sofa right now. Hopefully the 6 glasses of diet coke I've been glugging down will kick in soon and give me a major energy boost.

For now though, I'm going to lay back, stretch out and enjoy this lazy weekend...

And actually I probably need to conserve some energy as tomorrow afternoon I'm putting on my maid of honour badge.... as bride to be and bezzie mate Laura has a very important decision to make, and the wedding dress shops of Manchester are waiting for us! Excitement!


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