Sunday, 24 June 2012

edge of my seat...

I've been in the weirdest mood all day.

In retrospect, sleeping for 13 hours probably wasn't the best idea.

But it felt good.

And it is a Sunday. Officially the day of rest.

So maybe I won't feel too bad about that...

I've been doing some painting and stuff, trying to shake off my strange mood.

It does help actually....

Although now I'm just really restless again because the football is about to start, and lets face is, watching England in a quarter final isn't ever relaxing. Exciting? Yes. Disappointing? Probably.... Not that I want to be all negative and stuff, I'm purely basing my opinion on past England experiences! Maybe we will win. I don't want to jinx it though. And I love Roy, he is my fav. Along with Joe Hart of course....(swoon..!) Anyway, I've been wearing my England shirt all day in the hope that it will bring them good luck and positive vibes....(superstitious much?!)

Oh dear, I'm wittering away....I'll stop in a minute.

I've just popped on these two images by Antony Gormley as they are becoming part of my inspiration for a set of paintings....just in the early stages at the moment but I'm fascinated with how the human form connects to the space around it. And the way this can be represented. Hmm sounds kinda weird but we'll see what happens....


Connection III, 2000, Antony Gormley
Clime, 2000, Antony Gormley

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