Saturday, 23 June 2012

high 555555's

Despite starting the day with a killer headache (I got a bit wine happy in the pub last night...) I have managed to get out of bed and achieve something.

High fives all round please.

In all fairness I think the amount of diet coke that I've consumed in the last 7 hours has got quite a lot to do with it. Man alive I would be lost without that liquid goodness.

So, the little project thats now complete is my art studio. I had been pondering the idea of turning the spare garage into an art space for a while....and after some excellent help and ace DIY skills from Daddy Piggott, the studio is now complete. Its really quite exciting.

And not just because now I have so much more room to do my painting and stuff, but also because I had an idea, and I actually followed it through. I completed it. I did it! I didn't fail! AWHOOOOO!


This is a good feeling.

I think more high fives are in order.

Maybe people think I'm making a fuss over nothing, but when you've been paralysed with the fear of failure for so long, its just so uber fantastic when you take a risk (doesn't matter how small) and it all works out. And again, people might think "ermm she's not taking a risk, she's only painting a garage and sticking up some boards", then I would say bugger off to you, because for me, any idea I have that I say out loud feels like a risk, because I'm so scared of failing. So there. HA.

Massively realise my grammar is awful but I'm just running with my train of thought tonight! Its in a little bit of a manic mode, but in fun crazy way I think...:)


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