Tuesday, 22 May 2012

lazy sunny susie

Massively ignoring my huge list of things to do, I gave into temptation and spent the majority of my day sunbathing.


Little bit naughty really.

But very fun.

And like any other Brit, when the sun is shining, you have to make the most of it...Could be snowing next week. You never know.

Made the tiniest errors in judgement though...I neglected to wear any suncream. Another whoops.

But considering there was a time not too long ago when I couldn't even bare to be outside in the sunshine, man alive, have I made progress.

This year I'm actually looking forward to my summer.

 I can't wait to wear all my summer clothes (finally) and begin sporting my sunglasses. Especially my new pink aviators (thanks Char!) Oh and I'm also looking forward to eating dinner outside.... Not freezing my ass off when having a cigarette.... Maybe going on holiday...Having more time sunbathing..and generally being brown again instead of pasty pasty white....Drinking pimms and cold cider....

Ooo the Euro football thing, looking forward to that too...Bit bored of the olympics already so thats not on my list...hopefully turning my garage into a little studio and producing some new work...I've got loads of ideas in my head at the moment, mostly involving lots of bold bright colours so I should really go and get painting....

I've gone off on a tangent again havent I? Ha...

Nevermind. Must go and cover my burnt bits in aloe now. Ouchy.


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