Monday, 21 May 2012

happy pictures

Every picture tells a story.

And when you're looking through all the photos you've been tagged in over the years on facebook, some of those stories look a little bit worse for wear.

Sometimes I look at photos of myself from years gone by, and I can barely recognise the face staring back at me. The smile may be there, but the eyes are hiding the truth.

I'm always a bit snap happy with my camera, but I rarely like pictures of myself. I'm the first to pick out any flaws or imperfections. A stray bit of hair, a crazy look in my eye, an outfit that doesn't quite work, a spot that I haven't managed to cover up...all these things can distort my view, and I forget even what was happening when the picture was taken. I know I'm not the only one who feels like this. And its really rather an irksome habit, wouldn't you say??

So now, as time continues to move on and I try each day to fight the black dog, I've picked out a few recent photos that I don't mind. Or even better than that, I quite like. And the reason I like them, is because I look HAPPY. Truly happy. Not a fake kind of happy, or a drunk kind of happy. But a real kind of Mr Happy, from the Mr Men books kind of happy.

Yeah. That guy has got it sorted. Maybe I should just paint my body bright yellow and see if some of those vibes rub off on me...ha. Anyway, I have diverted from the point (as usual) and here are a few pictures.....

Me riding the big wheel in Bristol on my birthday. Shit scared and loving it.

My love of all things American, makes me very happy.
 Especially when I'm being crazy with Cat on my birthday.

Old friends getting married is ace.
Love the feeling of being happy for someone else, its addictive!

One from Saturday night.
I love being silly with my best friends.


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