Monday, 23 April 2012

monday mixture

Half typing, half watching Corrie. Ooh distractions. Also waiting for the tesco man to deliver some food so my tummy is feeling rather empty.... and thinking about what my lovely sis is gonna make me for

Managed to complete an epic train journey this afternoon. Although my anxiety levels sky rocketed, and I very nearly threw up my coco pops, I did make it. Thank goodness for train changes in Birmingham though, twenty minutes to have a fag and take in some fresh(ish) air. Also reminded me how much I want to be back in the Midlands, felt like home again.....

So, away for a few days again, before my courses start again next Monday and I can get back into my routine. Hurrah.

Feel like I've got quite a lot to type but I'm knackered and my brain isn't really working. Yawn.

Must remember to give myself some space this week....and something else....but I have already forgotten what it is. Curses.

Bed is calling I think...


1 comment:

  1. yes little miss spacey - that's what you need this week ... so make sure you get it! LOL from moi xxxx