Sunday, 22 April 2012


Hmmm sleepy Susie...accidentally napped for a few hours this afternoon....whoops...

Mind you it has been a busy weekend...eating tons of yummy food, putting my style adviser hat on in the bridal shop, relaxing at the thermae spa, drinking a little bit too much wine (detox has gone out of the window), and of course, lots of chatting...and that can really tire out your voice muscles out....haha...So perhaps busy is the wrong word....its been relaxing and just darn spankingly lovely. Super special spending quality time with my bezzie mate and bride to be Laura.

Heard this song on the radio yesterday and I must say, I'm quite a fan. When I first heard it I thought it was just another love song, but watching the video and hearing it again, I have changed my mind. I guess its how you interpret things, but I think its about all relationships. Whether its between families, friends or lovers, its about the unbreakable bond between us. A bond that can be stretched to breaking point at times, but through persistence, hope and love, the bond can only grow stronger. Pretty encouraging I must say. Not sure about Jason's hair though....I think he should of given up on that style years ago....hohoho what a joker I am!


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