Sunday, 1 April 2012

lets turn back time

Only sat in the garden for an hour but my skin has that great sunshine smell.

Joshua (my nephew) is down here for a few days with my sister, and he is already being super cute. I bought him a dinosaur dressing gown, and he looks so flipping gorgeous in it! He just came down to say goodnight and he's all sleepy and cuddly. I wish I was 3 again. Life was so much simpler, happier, and generally just ace really.

I may have to invent a time machine. Go back to 1989. Back to the days when my Mums hair resembled what can only be described as an afro...When jumping on the trampoline at tumble tots was the highlight of my week....When my Dad also had crazy long hair and would never be seen without his bright red trainers...When my sister and I would spend hours playing with our beloved cabbage patch dolls...When I would go to bed on a summers evening and fall asleep to the sounds of birds chattering and neighbours mowing their lawns...


Headache creeping on now.


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