Saturday, 31 March 2012

goodbye last week, you were shit!

I have been very neglectful of my witterings over the last few days. But, its been a shit week,  and quite frankly, I'm very glad its over.

I always knew that this week would be difficult as my art and writing courses have stopped for the holidays. Having a routine has been helping me get through things massively, so its been a bit of a bugger trying to create a new short term schedule...(if that makes sense...?) Theres also been a few irksome incidences of plans changing and people letting me down, which seems to exacerbates my anxiety and paranoia.

However, last night a burst of spontaneity emerged from my good friend Cat, and what started life as a quiet drink in the pub ended up as crazy dancing until 2:30 am...I do enjoy impulsive decisions like that, and as I can't often be trusted to make them myself, its even more fun when they come from someone else!

I'm off on a mini adventure next week, with  someone whom I haven't seen for almost a year. Its all really rather exciting. Trouble is, he went to the airport on the wrong day and is having trouble getting back to England. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that he makes it! I'm sure his family is doing the same as its his brothers wedding on Saturday....

Oh and here is another picture I've finished this week.

I'm boring myself now, the sofa is calling me...


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