Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The search for endorphins

Exercise apparently gets the endorphins jumping around your body.

Well, it doesn't seem to be happening to my body.

In fact, I think my body seems to be actively repelling these little happy hormones.  I did 30 mins of cardio today (I know its not that much, but for me, it was like a marathon...) and do I feel any different? Nope. Big fat no. I don't feel any better and the endorphins are no where to be seen.

I shall have to turn into a super sleuth again to try and track them down. That is, if they actually exist. I am still doubtful, but, Detective Piggott has been known to be wrong (occasionally...)

Perhaps I will reread my spy tactics, and start my own investigation. Which reminds me, I never did find out who sent me that anonymous package in the post last year?? That could be evidence of my crap detective skills actually. Hmm. No matter, maybe I shall reopen that case, as well as the hunt for the happy hormones.

However, a task that I have actually completed today was finishing my doodle canvas thingy (I was talking about it the other day...really hard to explain..!) So here is a picture...

It takes absolutely zero skill but is very satisfying to paint as you just build up loads of layers of swirly doodles in paint...then do the same in wire...then sew them on, and tada! A snapshot of my mind. I know that sounds like a slightly daft phrase, or too arty farty, but for me, that's what all my pictures represent, a little slice of my crazy brain....!


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