Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I slept *mini whoop*

Thank goodness I slept last night. I eventually succumbed to the enticing sleeping tablet and it managed to zonk me out completley. Its not a technique I use reguarly, and I won't be taking one tonight, but when your stuck in a bad sleeping pattern, sometimes one dose can help to change that.

I also moved my duvet from the bed to the floor as its been impossible to get comfortable on my lumpy old mattress. Too much bouncing on it or something. Anyway, the floor is my new friend.

I've also been working on another 'doodle' artwork, and that seems to be releasing some anxiety. The same can be said for doing all the ironing last night (strange but true...)

Forced myself to have a bikeride yesterday and today. Officially I look like a melon head with my crazy helmet circa 1999 on, but I don't care. Its a strangely satisfying bit of exercise that I've discovered. Apart from hills, I hate hills. I almost had a heartattack coming up my road yesterday.


One of my top 5 songs to sing me to sleep..

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