Monday, 5 March 2012


Just had a quick flick through some of my entries for March 2011 and I've discovered a spooky coincidence. On March 2nd 2011 I challenged my fears and went into Bristol for the first time. On March 2nd 2012 I summoned up superhuman strength again and went into Bath for the first time. Isn't that weird? World of the strange....ooooo...Please insert some sci fi xfiles type music here....

Its encouraging to see how things have moved on since last year. But also frustrating because some things haven't changed at all. Tiredness, lack of stamina and general exhaustion haven't improved at all really. And its so frustrating. My body literally just shuts down after any kind of interaction, or outing, or a period of concentration. I'm so sick of it! Although, I'm also eternally grateful to the person who invented diet coke, I am forever in your debt.

Its sad as well reading previous entries when I mention my little pooch Bella. I miss her so much. I think people expect me to have gotten over her dying by now, but I miss her every single day. Its so empty without her. She keeps on appearing in my dreams at the moment.

Anyway my writing tonight is pretty appalling and I am forever repeating myself so I must stop.

The good news is that my art class today went exceedingly better than last weeks...(I didn't rip my work up this time...) In fact, I could even say, I was almost pleased with my work...SHOCK HORROR!


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