Tuesday, 6 March 2012

strange brains

...so today has featured...horrifying nightmares that refuse to leave my mind, and even more housework...

But during this spring cleaning I've also delved into my cupboards over the past few days and discovered my ukulele and old flute... I was bought the uke a few years ago. I've always wanted to play the guitar but my hands are ridiculously tiny and I could never make them stretch enough for the chords. Massive sad face. But the uke suits me, and its pretty easy to play. I've picked it up again quite quickly, just need to work on my rhythm. And remembering to tune it. An out of tune uke sounds pretty awful. Like a violated Hawaiian bird being put it a cooking pot or something.

The flute I haven't played for probably about 10 years...maybe more...not really sure if I like the sound or not...but again I'm surprised that I can remember how to play. How weird is the brain? Or maybe that should be, how weird is my brain?! Actually, I used to be a fairly competent flute player, I think I even did grade 4...but I seem to have left my technical ability behind. Enjoyed knocking out a few Beatles tunes this afternoon though.

And now I just feel kind of....harrumph (translates as a huge sigh with an equally big grumpy face whilst sticking bottom lip out and shrugging shoulders...) Well, to be honest, I've felt like that all day really. Its been a massive effort to keep going. The black dog refuses to disappear at the moment.


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  1. sorry you've had bad day darling. Love you lots and hoping tomorrow will be better. Love Sis ps - if Tuesday is house work day can you come do mine next wk?!!! x