Thursday, 22 March 2012

an open(ish) book

It was great to have a little nugget of good news yesterday, but the stress and anxiety that led up to the appointment resulted in migraine overload this morning. MASSIVE OUCH.

However, I did somehow manage to drag my ass down to the gym...And despite my weariness and pain I was forced onto the treadmill by my personal (torture) trainer. Such a meanie. I'm quietly giggling to myself actually he has started to read my blog, so I need to make sure I don't say anything either too complimentary (he will get a big head and think he has won in the battle to get me into exercise) or too mean (he will punish me by making me go on the treadmill again!) That's the trouble about this blog writing, I forget that people do read it and my life sometimes is an open book. No secrets for Susie. Well, not many anyway...! Haha.


I've been going through all my paintings and art stuff this afternoon. Seeing all my paintings together, its like a looking at the past year through crazy paint and  manic colour. Does that make sense? It does to me. As well as my life drawing class I've been working on some abstract work at home recently. They're paintings with an element of 3D in them using wire. They're based on doodles that I draw everywhere, and instead of using a biro I have built up layers in paint, resulting in hundreds of spirals. Kind of hard to explain. But they are so relaxing to paint, I love making them. When they're finished I might pop a few pics up on here.

 I put a few photos up of my work on facebook today and was astonished at the positive comments that I received. People are so kind and encouraging. Because I know I'm not a good painter or talented at drawing, but what I do have is energy and passion. I get SO excited when I get an idea for something, an instant high that I try prolong for as long as possible.

Anyway I'm wittering on about the same old crap...

...apologies....oh no I'm not going to say sorry actually, this is my blog and I can write what I want! haha!!


Oh and this is just an ink study from life was one of about 3 studies that I actually liked and didn't rip up and throw away, hurrah!

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