Thursday, 2 February 2012

winter can be a little bit ace sometimes

So everyone is moaning about how cold it is...surprise surprise it is February folks! Us Brits are never satisfied with the weather, yet we're all strangely obsessed by it...Anyway, I'm a big fan of winter, and I'll tell you for why...(and its got absolutely nothing to do with Christmas! In fact, that's the one downside to winter...)

1. You get to wear cool furry hats/ear muffs and other head wear accessories

2. If you're anything like me, you also get to choose from your wide selection of coats...leopard, tweed, camel, tartan, leather, and of course the ever faithful sleeping bag coat...the choice is yours!

3. OK my next point was going to be clothes related I'll try again....Oh yeah, you don't have to shave your legs as much! (The extra hair keeps your legs protected from the risk of frostbite apparently...)

4. Equally, you don't have to worry about how pale you are, as everything is pretty much covered up. No need for fake tan this month!

5. You can see your lawn sprinkled with fairy dust...(also known as frost..)

6. You don't feel as bad not doing much in the evenings, as everyone else is snuggled up on the sofa too.

7. Your bed feels even more amazing and warm than usual, especially if you've just got your sheets out of the tumble dryer...its like a heavenly toasty cuddle.

8. If you didn't have winter, you'd never have spring. Everything has to have a rest for a little while, in order for it to come back to life and DAZZLE you...(there's a double meaning in there somewhere...)

So there it is, my top 8 reasons why winter is not so bad. Even though the reasons why I don't like it are creeping into my head now......I think I should stop typing....and maybe that's a list for another day...


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