Saturday, 4 February 2012

happy birthday dear blog!

Had a funny feeling that it was coming up to the year anniversary of starting this blog, and typically, I have missed it. Only by two days this blog began on the 2nd Feb 2010. So happy belated birthday dear blog. A trusty companion you have been, getting me through some of my darkest hours...and highlighting the fun times too.

In one year you have had over 26,053 page views, from all corners of the world...

You have received the most wonderful words of encouragement from the most unexpected sources.

You have had packages and flowers in the post from friends and family.

Mix Cd's and tasty treats. Oreos, lucky charms, a leopard print sleep suit, a diet coke jumper, nail varnish, a bright pink stress ball, art books, cute stickers, photographs...All filled with love to make you smile.

A spy tactics Fun Fax was sent your way, that took you peering down memory lane. It still remains a mystery who sent you this...

You have made links and connections, reminding me that I'm not alone.

You have given others hope.

You have made people realise that mental health is OK to talk about.

You have allowed me to get over my fear of technology and discover twitter. Sharing experiences with fellow sufferers, who show the most amazing strength.

You have let me rant, rave, shout and scream. I have laughed, cried, and probably hit the delete button a million times.

But ultimately, you have let the feelings inside me spill out onto your pages. You haven't judged or criticised, you have just accepted.

So many happy returns blog, you really are a top banana


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