Sunday, 5 February 2012

any dream will do


I am officially the Queen of faffing. Again.

Anyway...Dad and I had a massive bonfire on Friday and whilst we were burning up the garden he started randomly whistling songs from the musical Joseph....I then proceeded to sing the whole show at the top of my voice... (some words slightly "close every door to me, make me a cup of teaaaaa!)"

 But now I can't get all these flipping songs out of my head...I keep bursting through doors singing, "Go go go Joseeeeph you know what they say..." Although now I'm trying my best not to sing them out loud...they're still going round and round my head. Annoying.

 So I felt it was best to share it with you all, and then you can feel my pain. It was fun at first, but now just a little bit irritating. Especially as I cant get the image of Philip Schofield wearing just a loincloth out of my head either...(he was the star when I went to see the show many moons ago...I'm not just having weird thoughts about Philip Schofield...)

I'm wittering, and I've got a million things to tick off my list and a pile of clothes on my floor that wont stop growing (probably because I wont stop flinging them around my room...)


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