Friday, 24 February 2012

resting in the dark

Although having a migraine for the past 36 hours has been decidedly unpleasant, it has at least given my body a chance to rest.

The last month has been pretty shitty (February is always a bitch...) and I think my brain decided enough is enough, which resulted in the worst pain I've experienced for a long time. Change, emotional stress and a run of low days has built up and released themselves in the form of this banging headache. Hence the reason for no blog yesterday. Instead of typing away I was lying in a dark room, ready to throw up any second.

Luckily, the pain is gradually subsiding, but I still have a non stop ache which continues to pound through my forehead.

Watching anything that requires me to concentrate is out of the question, so I have stuck on the trusty Sex and the City box set. As I know every line, costume and scenario, I can close my eyes, and just giggle quietly in my room.


1 comment:

  1. Haven't tried that, probably need a little more convincing. hope that migraine evaporates soon.:)