Sunday, 26 February 2012

brain freeze

Someone told me it was the 26th February today. Honestly, I had no idea what time of the month it was. The could of said it was the 10th Feb and I would of believed them. My brain has been reduced to mush. Again.

Spent the last 24 hours in Exeter. Fun times.

But sleepy times now.

Dancing times last night.

Love the dance floor.

Gets my endorphins all excited.

Makes me realise just how much I miss my dancing actually. At one point in my life I used to do about 4 classes a week. Ballet, jazz, tap, modern, hip hop.....and now...nothing....Its weird. I started dancing when I was 2, and its always been in my life...Hmm, not any more though.

I loved it. I was totally crap, but I loved it. My place was always at the back, having a sly giggle and knowing that it didn't matter when I made mistakes (which was a lot!) But now.......I dunno. Maybe I'm too scared to start again. The dance world has never been the most friendly, us dancers are sadly renowned for being a little bit bitchy. And I know that's a huge generalisation, but I'm not pointing the finger, I'm fully holding up my hands too.

I just wish....(jeeeez how many times a day does that sentence run through my head?!)

Oh I'm getting all muddled. And now I've realised that its nearly March, which means its nearly April, which means its nearly time for me to turn 26. Bollocks.


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