Monday, 27 February 2012

m and m's (moaning and mondays)

2 weddings in the next 3 months. Nothing to wear. The search begins and I'm already feeling stressed. Everyone always talks about Bridezilla's, well I think I'm Guestzilla. In my quest for the perfect outfit I completely disregard the stress that the bridal party may be feeling as they plan the big day, because, it surely can't compare to my outfit issues. I also have various food allergies, which I'm sure every wedding planner finds ridiculously inconvenient.


I am once again MOANING.


I definitely woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning. It took superhuman strength to get to my art class, the snooze button was irresistible. Even when I got there, my mood failed to improve, I screwed up each incomplete drawing, and plonked them straight in the bin.

Luckily though, a sporadic lunch date with beautiful Sophia perked things up. Although between saying goodbye and walking to the bus station I was suddenly covered in blood. Slight exaggeration maybe. I mysteriously cut it my finger, ouchy.

Ohhhh bugger off black dog....ffs.......


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