Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Miss Piggy and Miss Piggott

One is called Miss Piggy.

The other Miss Piggott.

Both have shiny blonde hair and fabulous dress sense...Although Miss Piggy probably wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of trackies...

They love their long eyelashes...although Miss Piggy can't seem to flutter them in the way Miss Piggott can...(something to do with Muppet's not blinking...Although Miss Piggy denies these rumours...)

One has an ongoing love affair with a gorgeous green frog.

The other has a fantasy relationship with Ryan Reynolds.

Both consider themselves to have voices of angels. They are sadly  mistaken.

One has confidence oozing out of every pore.

The other has a mind full of self doubt and fear. She needs to take some lessons from the spunky Miss Piggy.


p.s if you havent already, go and see the new muppets film....!

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