Saturday, 7 January 2012

nothing left in my locker

"Feel the delicious energy of the universe running through your body as we move into the pigeon pose..."

Biting my lip trying to stifle the giggle that was building up inside me, I snuck a glance at my partner in crime, Charlotte. We shared a sneaky smile, and returned to the pigeon pose. And if trying not to laugh throughout the class is a way of feeling the delicious energy of the universe, then I definitely reached that point.

Jesting aside, I do find the yoga classes helpful.




But what shall I do with the rest of my Saturday? Can I justify going back to bed? (After all, I've had a fairly busy morning....)

Hmmmm. Tricky decision.

Brain is feeling fairly muddled and a bit yucky today.

I'm so tired of everything being such a monumental effort. I wish I could just do 'normal' things without having to summon up strength each time. Its completely knackering.


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  1. i would definately get the giggles. But, ive got alot of time for yoga. A good thing.