Wednesday, 18 January 2012

millie and I

Today I am an official dog sitter. Its really quite exciting. (Not to be confused with the black dog, this is a real live pooch called Millie!)

She is quite an old girl so actually I haven't had to do much, and I do feel a little bit lazy.  My eyes are going slightly square because I've been spending most of my time sat in front of my friends giant snazzy TV.

I have taken Millie out for a couple of walks too, although she got about 20 metres around the corner from her house, plonked her bum on the floor and refused to go any further. Oh well, at least I tried. And she seems very content snuggling up to me on the sofa now.

Its lovely being with a pooch again, its almost 5 months since I lost my little dog Bella, and I still miss her terribly. Millie even snores in a similar way to Bella, which is strangely comforting.

Starting to get a bit more organised with my routine now too. As well as the life drawing class that I've already started I've also enrolled on a literature class. I'm going to be studying Titus Andronicus (a nice happy tale...ha!) and its through the Workers Educator Association. I think that's what its called anyway. They do loads of different courses, and if you're off work and on benefits like me, then they're free! What a bonus. Apparently I will be the youngest member of the class by quite a long way, but you never know, I may strike up some friendships with the OAP's. Perhaps get some knitting tips, or I might even get offered the odd werthers original or two...



  1. save a few sweeties for us! Mum and I just reading your blog, we love it and you!xxx

  2. we don't think you realise what a massive favour you did for us Susie - Millie is very comfortable with your company,as are we. Just sorry she kept you a bit housebound,it's probably her legs & a little bit of stubbourness - she is an old lady after all !!But if you feel able we & Millie would love your company again, thank you so much. Millie's Mum xxx