Tuesday, 17 January 2012

irritating tuesday

Just received an email from my old university inviting me to join in the alumni sporting challenge weekend...Oh Loughborough, you really don't know me at all...

Loughborough alumni also like to send me a magazine every now and again. Just in case I don't feel bad enough about myself already, I can just flick through the pages and see what amazing things everyone else is achieving. Into the bin it goes...

And that email pretty much sums up my day... Irritating and annoying...And I've been so restless and weirdly energetic all day.

But I've taken control, decided to get out, and invited myself round to Cats house..! Girly company and giggles? Yes please.


1 comment:

  1. Good plan, love! I ended up spending yesterday with my friend (after I ended up staying over another night!) watching Jeremy Kyle so we could feel better about ourselves.

    Hope you have fun :) x