Monday, 9 January 2012

i must remember

Right Susie. Write Susie.

Stop faffing.

Right now. Write now!

OK OK bossy bit of my brain I will crack on with my witterings and stop looking at photos on facebook...(especially as I just realised I don't know anyone in them...defo time to step away!)

Actually I really should write something because I took a giant leap today in terms of progress and I do not want to forget it. No I do not!

I've been meaning to sign up for an art class for ages now, and the black dog had persuaded me it was an awful idea. He told me everyone would be amazing, I would be shit, and generally I should just stay in bed. And back in November when I was looking through the prospectus, I listened to the black dog. I didn't need much persuading that it would be a bad idea, a scary idea, and I would end up feeling worse. But...(yes theres a but, and its a good one!) last week I changed my mind. I kicked that black dog out of my bed and got myself enrolled on a creative life drawing class.

And today, I went.

I got out of bed at 8am (literally cannot remember the last time I was up this early), packed up my little rucksack and off I toddled into Bristol.

The class was super ace fantastic and it felt good to be doing something productive and creative with other people. I even managed to tell my tutor that I suffered from anxiety, so needed to have my easel near the door, in case I needed to run out for 5 mins. Which I did, and it felt so much better knowing that I had told someone else (not just anyone, but a stranger too...!) and they were totally lovely about it.

There was one bit of the class that I got a bit stressed out in, but only because I could see what amazing stuff everyone else was producing and that just paralysed me. But, no big deal, that was just 20 minutes out of 2 hours, so I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

I think I might give myself a tiny pat on the back...


P.S the place where I'm going to my weekly class is


  1. Well done, Susie! A fab foot forward - hope you continue to enjoy it and gets lots from it xxx

  2. thats great, really great.