Tuesday, 10 January 2012

the sea is calling me

As I sit here frowning at the computer, my wrinkles are slowly embedding themselves deeper into my skin. Yikes! I need to turn my frown upside down.

And the reason for my grumpychops face? I want to go on holiday! I have a desperate need to get away and be near the sea, but I have several problems...

1. Lack of funds...(always a problem in life..)

2. I have lots of wonderful pals who live all over the world and I would LOVE to visit them, but I know that all the packing, airports, and flying would FREAK me out and send me into anxiety overdrive. I'm not quite ready for that, especially as I recently found out you cant take knitting needles on a plane. Knitting is my saviour in times of anxiety so that would be a problem. Although maybe I could just take a sedative? Hmm worth considering for the future.

3. I have no one to go on holiday with......(oh what a miserable old spinster I am turning into!) And I would go on my own, but again, at the moment, I just dont think it would be a wise idea, and basically, I wouldn't be safe.

4. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to go on holiday?! Because I'm on income support, would a scary man come and chase me if he knew I'd been away? (I have nightmares about this man quite a lot, he has a mean face, a bowler hat and a giant umbrella that he likes to hit me with...)

So if you have any wise ideas how I can overcome any of these hurdles please drop me a line because my brain is hurting.


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