Tuesday, 22 November 2011

not a good day

Back into the land of heart palpatations today.

What fun.

Just when I've got myself a little bit organised, making lists and trying to keep myself stimulated, I wake up feeling like I'm going to pass out any second. Every time I move I think I'm going to faint, and my heart starts beating as if its just run the 100 metre sprint. Horrible. Anxiety flows through my body so quickly, making the dizziness so much worse. Panic sets in, and completeley takes over.

I think I'm going to die. My arm is tingling, I'm convinced I must be having a stroke, or maybe a heart attack.

It sounds so daft when I write it down, but its so scary how my body can change so quickly, and I don't have any control over it.

Its ridiculously irritating because on the whole my anxiety levels are a lot better.

Then they come out of nowhere and just shit all over your day.


Frustrated Susie.

I dont think it helped that I woke up at 7am shaking with fear and covered in sweat after the most horrific nightmare. Not a good start to anyone's day.

Yuk yuk yuk.


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  1. I used to get the tingly arm/heart attack thing. It's horrible isn't it? I hope you get to the bottom of your anxieties. I found the source of mine, through an excellent therapist, and it doesn't happen anymore...although being a longhaul flight is still a challenge...