Wednesday, 23 November 2011

karate CHOP!

I wish I had something interesting to write about....

But today has been as dull as Wednesdays inevitably get.

Nothing new there then.

However, situations have improved since this time yesterday....Hurrah for that.

And I've also been able to get a few little things ticked off my list and given the black dog a massive kick up the arse just for good measure.

(Insert ninja moves here....)I'm getting pretty good at this now, practise makes perfect and all that...And for anyone concerned about animal welfare, no actual dog has been harmed during the writing of this blog. Black dog, is of course, the metaphorical name for my beastly depression.

While I'm feeling a slightly lifted, I may as well go all out crazy and add some sort of feel good tune, just to keep me bouncing around this evening...

Ooo here we go, four minutes of pure indulgence and a very guilty pleasure....

Hello Mr Mark Owen...


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