Sunday, 27 November 2011

dont give up

Ooo I have a wiggle in my belly, and a tapping in my toes this evening. Its really rather fun! Not sure how long its going to last, which is a good reason for writing it down, and then I'll never forget. Hurrah for that.

A good day has been had. Not just a good day, but a bloody good weekend too. Yessss!

I have been karate chopping and ninja kicking that black dog all over the place. Boom. Kapow.

Although yesterday I found a lump on my arm and I began worrying about all sorts. But luckily before I got too freaked, I realised I had one in the same place on my other arm...that's right, I had discovered a muscle! Two muscles in fact, or maybe even four, because this one seems to have grown from a bigger one on my arm. Its all terribly exciting, and just shows that I'm getting a little fitter and finally putting on some weight. Oh and of course all the ninja moves must help too.

It also seems that a few more lovely people have been reading my blog, and have been able to discover connections and comparisons. Nothing makes me happier to know this. Its amazing what small things we can do as human beings, that can make a huge difference to individuals everyday lives. There are so many people out there suffering from a huge range of mental health illnesses, and I feel completely blessed and inspired to hear their stories. Its like receiving a virtual hug, or someone getting an injection full of hope and shooting it straight into my veins....


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