Wednesday, 7 September 2011

a little bit of this and a little bit of that

Ooo dear. A little bit of dangerous Internet work this afternoon looking at a possible new dogs for Susie. Its all very much in the very vague idea stage. But I have a new soft spot for pugs! So cute. And I do have the time on my hands to train a puppy into another dog wonder. I know I definitely need to wait quiet a bit longer, as I'm missing Bella's company so much. Having a pet dog gives you a bit of a purpose though doesn't it? A reason to get up in the morning. And a little bit of unconditional love and tail wagging is so irresistible.

I think it would give me hope. And thats got to be a good thing.

I did momentarily consider a hamster, but quickly disregarded this idea, as I would most likely accidentally stamp on it with my spikey shoes.

Having a big snacking/stuffing my face with food day today. It doesnt really happen very often, so I've decided to listen to my gut (literally) and keep munching on the pitta and houmous.

Meeting with my new pychiatrist on friday. Yikes. Already dreading it. I can't feel a massive difference on these new drugs. Maybe a little bit. But not lots. I just wish the suicidal stuff would vanish. Its so tiring, and never really goes away.

I think I can smell something tasty cooking downstairs.....time to go and satisfy my stomach...!


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