Monday, 5 September 2011

good plan batman

A little bit tired this evening. Yawn.

But treating myself to a few guilty pleasures...trashy magazines, some wine and a chocolate muffin!Delish.

Helping to look after my crazy two year old nephew this week so my day has been ever so slightly more surreal than normal. Mainly due to Cbeebies I think. Those people are proper crazy. Like really mental. The presenters are SO EXCITED, and SO HAPPY, ALL THE TIME. I think they must have redbull running through their veins. Although, I'm already becoming a bit attached to 'Grandpa in my pocket'. I got quite excited when it came on earlier. Oh dear.

I should probably go and do something really grown up now. Maybe read the financial times, or compare property prices, or even mow the lawn.

Or maybe I'll just go with the flow, listen to my body, and totally veg out...

Good plan Sooz.


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