Friday, 29 July 2011

Love and other drugs

Just finished watching the film Love and Other Drugs. I think Rafael Nadal has finally got some competition, and Jake Gyllenhaal could possibly be the new love of my life. We'll have to see. I think I need to see Jake in a few more films. I don't remember him being particularly attractive in Donnie Darko, great film, but a little scary for my sensitive brain cells.

Anyway, theres this scene  when Maggie (Anne Hathaway) asks Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal) if he can list 4 good things about himself. He is more than a little stumped. And it got me thinking. How many people can list 4 good things about themselves?? Can you?? I can easily think of 4 bad things about myself....

1. Impatient
2. Selfish
3. Unable to achieve anything, aka, a big fat failure
4. Jealous

But 4 good things.....I may be here for a while but I'm really really going to try...

1. I have a rather large shoe collection that I'm always happy to lend people (does that count? Probably not, because not many people can actually borrow my shoes cuz I have tiny feet. Although, I do also have an equally large handbag collection which I lend out frequently...)
2. I can make quite a tasty pasta sauce (I know its the easiest meal in the world, but I'm clutching at straws here...)
3. I would say I'm very honest, but actually, I can be quite sneaky and tell little lies. So I really don't think that counts either.
4. ??? Idiotic list. Lets just leave it at 3? Even though none of them really count...!

Nah. I can't think of anything else. I give up. That was a stupid idea to even attempt that challenge.

I think its time for another ryvita.


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