Saturday, 30 July 2011

A glimmer of hope

Sometimes, somebody just pops into your head. And you have to text them, ring them, email them, or even send them a bit of snail mail.

And sometimes, you realise that when you have sent this tiny message, that it was the best thing that you have done with your day.That you have bought a little bit of hope into someone elses life.

It makes you feel like the universe is working with you, and not against you. That a higher power above has somehow prompted you to send that message and make a tiny little difference into somebody elses life.

Maybe I'm wittering. But as I was sitting in the garden with my Mama this evening, I started thinking about my next door neighbour. So I sent her a little message. And she came round, we had some wine, we chatted and most importantly we were there for one another. Everyone has their own struggles and difficulties, and that text message seemed like a prompt to bring a glimmer of hope into her life, as well as my own.

Because actually, as much as black dog likes to shout at me every day....And cheesy as it sounds...I really don't think we are alone. At least, I really hope we're not alone.


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