Thursday, 23 June 2011

somebody told me it was thursday today

... another migraine filled, black dog consuming, anxiety plagued day....


...and to top it all I have a spot right underneath my eye which is just laughing in my face. Literally. It is in my face laughing its blotchy socks off, saying,

 "Hahhahaha look at me I'm all red and shiny, beaming out at everyone like a beacon to say hello and I refuse to disappear!!"


Really that is just a small insignificant part of my disgusting day. I could write about how my head feels like its going to explode or the small panic attack I had at counselling. But I think it terms of significance, the spot seems to win hands down.

Yeah, its not just taking over my face, the spot is now taking over my brain too! Ahhhh.


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