Friday, 24 June 2011

Dancing in the rain

Ooo distractions distractions.

I need to write this quickly because Corrie is on in 20 minutes and there is some serious excitement on the street tonight....

There's a twitter account that I'm signed up to called 'Inspirational quotes' or something like that. I thought it might help me get through each day. Bring some positive vibes into my life. And it actually does make me smile occasionally. Mainly because the quotes are so flipping cheesy that I am creased up double in laughter at the joker who wrote them. But still, its a smile, so excellent work all round.

But there is one quote that keeps on popping up, and actually I kind of took its meaning literally this evening...

I think it goes something like this....

"Its not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain..."

I may have got that a bit wrong, but the basic message is a good one I feel. High cheese factor, but I quite like it all the same.

Anyway, I took the advice of this little quote and got my jig on in the field. It was absoloutley tipping it down. But I'm often quite partial to walking in the rain (only when dressed appropriatley though.. but at the moment, any excuse to wear the snazzy wellies..)

It was like my own mini glastonbury...I live in Somerset. I was in a field. I was wearing wellies. It was muddy. It was raining. The only real difference is that I wasn't surrounded by 170,000 other crazy people. I was dancing this jig on my own.

A private rainy silent disco if you will....(if you haven't ever been to a silent disco, do it now, so much fun...)

And it felt good.

Actually scrap that.

It felt amazing.

You know when you've been blindfolded, and then after a while you take it off, and you feel like everything is so much brighter, clearer, more beautiful (depending what you're looking at..) It really felt like that this evening. My blindfold came off for about 10 minutes, and everything seemed so much clearer, more real, vivid. It sounds so weird.

But I liked it.

It felt like a little gift from somewhere.


P.S... top track choice that popped on my ipod was ELO 'Mr Blue Sky'...oh and TREX, 'I love to boogie'.

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