Wednesday, 22 June 2011


10,089 pageviews since February...

Well that's a bit of excitement to liven up my Wednesday.

I must say, I am astonished that people are still reading my drivel. But at the same time, touched, excited, and a little bit pleased that maybe in some small Susie way, the taboo of mental health and all that jazz is getting a bit more approachable.

Afterall, its good to talk..! Ha now I sound like the BT advert circa 1999. Oh dear.

I have a sore throat. And my headache is still hanging around. Snags.

But I did make it out of the house. Armed with the usual utility belt of ipod, knitting, fizzy laces, I got on a bus. Awoohoo. Actually, no awoohooing. It wasn't that exciting....

Hang on a minute...I think Nadal is playing...I wonder if he'll strip off court side again...hmm interesting...I should probably go and check this out...


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