Sunday, 19 June 2011

Big up the Blagdon massive

One of the advantages of blogging is that you can mention lovely people and make them feel a little bit special. I've also been told that it can make you feel a bit celeb like...But I cannot confirm or deny this...Its just a rumour...! However, there is a disadvantage because I might have had a spiffing time with someone...and then by the time I get to writing my blog, black dog has taken over and I feel like shit. And then I feel bad that I haven't mentioned them. So apologies.

...I'm not making much sense (again..)

You see, it kind of comes as a package now, Susie and her writing. If something vaguely hilarious happens when I see you, chances are, its gonna get blogged about...I need to hold onto these nuggets of comedy. Equally, if I see you and nothing funny happens, then, chances are you might get offended when I tell the world how boring you are. Or how crap your jokes are...Or how entertaining your dance moves are...either way I will stop wittering and start writing....

Its all quite exciting. I didn't blog last night. No. Not once. Not even a tiny little one liner. And I wasn't tucked up in bed watching sex and the city and eating ryvitas. I was out. Out of the house. Out of Saltford! Wahey.

And where was I? Deepest darkest Somerset. Where people sing about tractors and cider is the only tipple going.....

I kind of like it when you come back from staying at someones house and your clothes smell like their house. Does that sound weird? Anyway, I've just unpacked my bag from last night...and the strongest aroma creeping out from my cardigan? Apples. Defo apples....

Right... keep on getting distracted. Flippin facebook.

Back to Blagdon...

And so it was that at 12 o'clock last night I was suddenly surrounded by the most amount of nakedness that I had seen in a very long time. 10 crazy people all stripping off and jumping in the pool for a midnight dip.... No way was I going in. For one, it was flippin freezing. Two, I wasn't entirely ready to show the world my bum. Even if it was June. There were much too many other lovely bottoms on display, and mine was just feeling shy.... (Kim this is a particularly big shout out to you..I am very jealous!) And three, I don't want to shout it too loudly (well I did last night actually..)  I was a little bit scared that I might die out there in the misty murky waters of the pool. Mainly because I can't really swim very well....I'm a scaredy cat....Its not that I can't swim...I can....I just find that doggy paddle has become my forte over the years, and I haven't really progressed.... There was a vague attempt at trying to pick me up and entice me poolside, but unluckily for Andy, I just used my talons and scratched his eyes right out....

Some people had quite clearly come prepared. Being a nautical themed evening really got people inspired I think. It was all about the water. Alex was the first one in (after all, she was dressed as a lifeguard...) But unfortunately for Mike, I think he was somewhat regretting his choice of white underwear....

This is all really the tip of the iceberg, so many other comedy nuggets to dissect...limbo dancing, shimmying, kylie minogue, cider with no fizz (confusing)...Oh I could just go on all night.

But I wont....promise...

Before I go...this is really what I've been trying to say...

Thank you Blagdon....To everyone last night....

You got me out of the house.
You made me laugh.
You made me shimmy.
You fed me tasty bbq treats.
You mocked and admired my knitting.
You didnt think I was nuts when I got a bit paranoid.
You didnt make me feel left out.
I was surrounded by people and I didnt feel alone.
You let me blow your whistle.
You told me lots of jokes (the cheese jokes rule..)
You told me interesting things that took my mind off my own messy head.
You gave me hugs.
And kisses.
And boy oh boy did you make me dance......



  1. We love you little Susie.....more fun times for you and the blagdon folk're a lovely wee egg and we'll find your smile again x x x x

  2. any time that you want to drink flat cider and look at my bum you are most welcome! thank you for being so completely brilliant and fantastic and super smashing. this blog has made me smile even more than your shimmy did. Big love Susie Shoes xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I have just come across your blog & have just read this entry from the blagdon maddness of the party/almost named swimming & from what I have read, having the courage & confidence to come to a party where you have may only known a few people is a massively huge step & it was so lovely to have met you. I hope we will meet again & have another brilliant night of laughter & fun! Sally X x

  4. thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx