Monday, 20 June 2011

The top 10

My darling sister might be a tad annoyed about the following information I am going to divulge..But I know for a fact that her computer is broken, so she won't be reading this....sneaky hey!

Back in the day when I was about 7 and my sis was 12, we had a bit of a phase on listing our top 10's. Well, actually I only remember listing our top 10 men. (I think the concept went slightly over my head being 7 and all...but I so wanted to join in with my big sis...) And on this particular occasion after writing them out very neatly in big bubble writing on some sort of fluorescent paper, Sarah proceeded to stick the list, very proudly on her bedroom door.

No doubting who was at the top spot. Chesney Hawkes of course! Who could argue with that swish hair and sexy mole? Actually Sarah also had a (lifesize) poster of him too....(wow she's really going to kill me...)

Now I'm trying to remember which other hunks made up the chart... All 5 members of Take That were defo on it. Mark Owen may have even been at chart position 2 come to think of it...We were both massive fans of Paul Nicholls (whatever happened to that gorgeous man?) but I've got a feeling he was on a later list.... I think Andy Peters may have made an appearance actually. Possibly even Edd the Duck.

But the most unusual and certainly the oldest entrant managed to sneak in at chart position 10. I don't think my sister will ever live down the fact that Bruce Forsythe was that man....!

This little hilarious trip down memory lane has got me thinking about top 10's. Favourite things. And how some of them will never change throughout our lives, but others, possibly like Brucie, might get knocked out of the chart.

I can get a bit obsessed/excited with favourites. Especially when meeting someone new. Or asking slightly random questions and making them choose. Its like the would you rather have 3 eyes or 3 arms scenario...tricky, very tricky.

Do you remember those Fun Faxes from back in the day. So cool. I had three I think. I must of been super organised. One was even a special spy version and me and my Grandpa used to write letters to each other in Morse code...

Anyway, they always had a big section at the front that you filled in, asking you all about your favourite things. And there were some really cool stickers too.

I wish I still had those darned Fun Faxes...Although I think I can remember what my 8 year old self would have written...

Fav colour? red
Fav food? corn on the cob
Fav drink? dandelion and burdock (what happened to this delish drink?? I miss it)
Fav animal? pigs
What do you want to be when you grow up? an actress

17 years later......

Fav colour? red
Fav food? chicken nuggets (yeah I haven't really progressed much on the culinary side of things...)
Fav drink? diet coke
Fav animal? my dog Bella
What do you want to be when you grow up? happy


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