Friday, 17 June 2011

Queen Susie

Another massive headache.


But....after multiple painkillers and several diet cokes it seems to be fading away.....hurrah!

I was the exercise queen yesterday. Really. I was. Two long(ish) walks and a run before bed. Phew.
And another long walk by the river today. Exercise and fresh air make such a massive difference to my day. And although my hands still won't stop shaking I think it may be because I am growing some according to you even grow muscles? I think that's the wrong word...

It is always a monumental effort to drag my arse out, find some inner strength, and get moving. But it makes me calmer. More relaxed. Especially if I'm near water. Totally obsessed with the sea and river...Actually that's quite weird because I have really bad nightmares about floods and tsunamis...yet in reality I find looking at them so stress-relieving. But in my dreams, I'm always running away from them.....Hmm...Maybe a hidden meaning in there somewhere...!

Anyway....You really don't see many people round here in deepest darkest Saltford , another superb reason for getting out into the space. And especially if I have some strawberry fizzy laces tucked in my pocket for provisions, what more could a gal ask for.

This all seems like a repeat of what I've already said a million times before...

Ah well!


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