Monday, 16 May 2011

little yawn GIANT YAWN

Lots of little silly things in my mind. But I'm just a bit too sleepy to write them down.

...That and the fact my leg is uncontrollably tapping its way to insania. I actually think my foot might fly off any second. Either that or I will develop amazingly strong muscles in my ankles due to all the weird leg movements I seem to have.

Went to the dentist, and it turns out, my teeth aren't falling out. So theres a bit of good news. I did freak out when he tried to touch my front tooth that has been feeling strange. There may have been a bit of reflex bite action going on, I'm not sure, but I can safely say my teeth are intact. (As are my dentists fingers.) Hurrah.

Celebrated with a subway and bought 2 new dresses....whoops...they were bargains though... and they fitted...and they are bright colours, not black or grey, and they're not made out of tracksuit material, they are actually real dresses. That I am going to wear. Shocking, but true. Well its not really shocking. But it always an effort to get me to put some clothes on. Not that I wander around naked. I'm just surgically attached to my pyjamas, jogging bottoms, and various grey hoodies. So comfy. So comforting. And yet, so depressing.

What a jumbled up mess this is...


Giant yawn.

Another day can be ticked off anyway.

This is my favourite time of day now...



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